Digitalization and innovation in delocalized biology

At the service of medical testing experts, healthcare professionals and patients
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    Digitalization and innovation in delocalized biology

    At the service of medical testing experts, healthcare professionals and patients

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Interoperability and connectivity

Magentine develops connectivity and interoperability solutions to enable digital transmission of clinical information (pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical) between IVD instruments and health information systems.

The overarching goal is to simplify administrative tasks for laboratories and healthcare professionals, to save time during the testing process (and therefore achieve substantial savings on costs).

Digitization of sampling steps (pre-analytical)

Magentine offers tools to digitize all pre-analytical steps thanks to:

  • The generation of a unique and reusable sample QR Code for the patient
  • Follow-up and monitoring of the pre-analytical stages of tests
  • Automatic integration of data into health information systems

Magentine's tools make it possible to digitize all the stages of sampling and handling of samples to ensure traceability and optimal quality control. They also allow for regulatory recording in the laboratory's LIS.

Digital solutions for delocalized biology and Point of Care Testing (POCT) connectivity

The goal is to:

  • Meet the personalized needs of clinicians
  • Provide diagnostic solutions for areas underserved in routine testing
  • Make detection of new biomarkers more easily available to the patient (non-laboratory environments)
  • Deliver results faster in medical emergencies
  • Meet regulatory and quality requirements in all situations

Integration into government and epidemiological databases

Magentine offers connectors to integrate the data collected into institutional and governmental databases.

For example, in the context of COVID screening, since February 2020, the "Test-N-Track / Magenet" solution has been approved by the French General Health Directorate for connection to the French Screening Information system (SIDEP) (this connection allowed for the automation of both SIDEP and patient zero in cases of a positive test).

The data structured and anonymized by Magentine can also be fed into pandemic surveillance systems, for prospective studies.

DISO® Universal Rapid Test Reader (in development)

The RTD Reader (DISO) is a universal rapid test reader that can accommodate approximately 95% of rapid tests marketed worldwide.

This IVD tool ensures quality control and traceability of the different stages of a rapid test. The test results can be transferred to a laboratory (medical biologist) who can validate the results remotely. The tool also allows for an image of the test to be validated face-to-face or remotely.

This tool can be used in many cases outside the laboratory: for emergency tests, on-site testing, for mass screening or even in medically underserved areas.

The DISO is also offered as a “white label” solution.

Areas of focus in research and development

Process and digitization of clinical data


Quantitative tests

Deep Learning / AI

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How can I acquire a tool or service ?
Simply contact us to create your customer account. We will take care of providing you with all the necessary information and will help you set up the solution according to your needs.
When can I start using the tool or solution ?

When can I start using the tool or solution? You are free to use the solution as soon as your account and users have been created. Magentine also offers short training courses (some of which are mandatory) to help you set it up. In addition, all of our offers are non-binding.

When can I receive the Magentine tools ?

Rapid test readers will be sent to you by a carrier upon receipt of your order (within the limit of available stocks). Regarding digitization services, you can use your own equipment (phone, tablet, computer) to implement our solutions immediately.

Does the tool comply with current standards ?

As experts in IVD, all the tools we offer meet standards in force (COFRAC, ISO13185, ISO15189 and ISO22870) and we regularly update our tools to keep them in line with new modifications.

How much does access to these tools cost?

The price of our solutions depends on your needs. We invite you to contact us to define together the services best suited to your situation. In addition, all our offers are non-binding.

Are you authorized to automate SIDEP ?

Magentine has approval from the General Directorate of Health. The company collects patient data, automatically integrates it into the French Screening Information system (SIDEP) and declares positive patients to the French National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM).

Is your solution available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ?

Yes, our solutions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without service interruption. Our support team can also answer your questions at any time.

Is your question not included in this list ?

We will make sure to reply as soon as we receive your question.

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