The application is a 100% mobile tool for traceability and quality control of medical laboratory tests.

What is Test-N-Track?

Test-N-Track is an application intended for healthcare professionals that is fully compliant with COFRAC standards and was designed to facilitate diagnostic or rapid diagnostic tests (e.g. antigenic tests) and the pre-analytical phase of tests (e.g. PCR) thanks to end-to-end traceability.

The application guides the user at each step of the process (sample, test, incubation/result). The tool makes it possible to limit errors caused by inattention and ensure the same quality as tests carried out in the laboratory.

What are the benefits of using Test-N-Track?

This application allows you to link a patient to their test. The digitization of each step of the test process prevents errors during handling and possible inversion of results between patients. Test-N-Track allows for full traceability.

For example, for rapid diagnostic tests, a photo of the result is added, thus providing a visual trace of the result.

For tests whose pre-analytical phases are carried out outside the laboratory, all information is digitized.

The healthcare professional has access to all the tests carried out in their center thanks to the Magenet interface that is connected to the application.

In addition, Test-N-Track connects to laboratory information systems (LIS) to send information about patients and tests performed.

Finally, the application can connect to the various government databases. In France, Test-N-Track automatically sends all information to the French Screening Information system (SIDEP). The healthcare professional saves valuable time and avoids administrative errors.

Test-N-Track, the benchmark for securing patient data outside the laboratory

In France, the application is approved by the General Health Directorate and complies with GDPR regulations. The patient's results are sent directly to the French Screening Information system (SIDEP) and French National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) to identify the patient 0. With Test-N-Track, you do not need to log in to the CPS area, so there is no risk regarding access to personal patient information. Your work is made easier, and your patients' private data is protected.

Want to find out more about Test-N-Track?

Fill out the contact form and a member of our team get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

The application is available for iOS and Android:

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Can any healthcare professional use Test N Track ?
Any authorized professional can use Test-N-Track in the context of medical biology test (in the laboratory or outside the laboratory). Each user can be granted access either to all of the application's functionalities, or to a specific part depending on their role within the testing chain (sampling, collection, analysis, validation, result reporting).
Can I perform several tests in a row (without waiting for the result of each test) ?
Test-N-Track was developed to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals and support mass screening and allows you to carry out as many tests as you want continuously. It offers complete follow-up and traceability so there is no room for errors.
Can I keep using the same brand of tests? Can I change tests over time ?
It depends on the biomarker. Magentine’s teams have integrated a certain number of validated tests and are constantly working in collaboration with our partners to add new brands to our database.
Can several people perform tests in the same institution ?
Any member of your team can obtain personal and nominative access for optimal traceability. Thus, several authorized persons can carry out (simultaneously or not) tests in the same institution via the Test-N-Track tool. This service is included free of charge in our offers.
How does the patient pay for the tests ?
For paid tests, our solutions allow healthcare professionals to apply the payment method of their choice for patients. As an option, Magentine offers an online payment system.
Is the data saved on the phone / tablet ?
No, no data is stored on the phone. This is an essential rule of data security. Everything is transferred directly to our cloud servers.
How much does it cost ?
Magentine offers pay per use, that is to say per test carried out. The unit price is defined according to several criteria (e.g. type of test, methodology used, mode of validation of results, connection with a laboratory, etc.). Your overall cost (monthly payment) will be aligned with your actual activity: the number of tests performed during the month. You will always have access to traceability and quality control of the tests carried out. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Is the French Screening Information system (SIDEP) populated automatically once a result (in the case of tests to be integrated into the SIDEP) ?
French Screening Information system (SIDEP) automation is implemented as soon as the patient's result has been validated by the healthcare professional. In the event of a positive patient, the information is automatically integrated with the French National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) to declare the patient zero. You no longer need to log in to the platform after each test. Your patients receive their QR code directly without any additional action on your part. In the event of a French Screening Information system (SIDEP) failure, the SIDEP automation continues to operate. The information will always be sent to the French Screening Information system (SIDEP) platform server. Your patient will receive information about their result if necessary.
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