is a website where patients can generate a unique and personal QR Code that will allow healthcare staff to identify them before a sample is taken.


What is ? is a site intended for patients in order to facilitate their care during screening tests and clinical biology tests. The site has been specially designed to be easy to use, intuitive and simple so that everyone can navigate smoothly, even the most inexperienced internet user.

The site is accessed via a search engine or by flashing a QR Code placed in the test location. The patient only has to fill in their personal information.

Obviously, if they are not able to fill in their information themselves, the site allows a third party to do it for them.

What is the QR code for ?

At the end of the registration process on, the patient receives a QR code by email. This QR code is unique and personal. Patients can use it to identify themselves as many times as many times as necessary for tests (regardless of the test location). They only need to present their QR code and the healthcare professional will be able to identify them immediately using the tools offered by Magentine (e.g. Test-N-Track).

This QR code allows patients and healthcare professionals to save significant administrative time and avoid data entry errors. This creates patient loyalty, and healthcare professional satisfaction, and automates the results process.

Patient information is secured in dedicated health data hosting servers.

What is it actually for ?

Simplify, automate and digitize the pre-analytical phase of recording patient information during a medical diagnostic test through the generation of a unique QR code.

The use of the QR code is gradually extended to a greater number of medical laboratory tests.

Montestrapide is an essential tool - especially for delocalized biology and mobile health.



Where and when will my patient use ?
The patient must use to create their identification QR Code before a sample is drawn. The QR code generated is unique, personal and reusable as many times as necessary. The patient account can be created at any time (from home, immediately before a sample is drawn): the sooner the better.
How can my patient access ?
The site can be accessed via any internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.). is a web-based application. The patient does not need to download anything. They only need to complete the online form.
Can my patient reuse their personal ID / QR code ?
Yes, the patient can reuse their ID for future samples. It can be reused as many times as necessary, which saves time for the patient and the healthcare professional.
Is there a cost for the use of this tool ?
This tool is available free of charge.
Is the information recorded on secure ?
All patient / clinical information recorded via Magentine tools is fully secured on level 5 HDS servers. also complies with all GDPR requirements.
For which tests can the patient QR code be used ?
Patient IDs and QR codes can be used for all tests and tools offered by Magentine Healthcare. It is a patient QR code for universal use.
What should I do if my patient cannot use ?
As a health professional or authorized person, you can fill in the information on behalf of the patient, by selecting "healthcare professional" at the beginning of the form.
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