Magenet is a platform that allows the healthcare professional to have access to all the information concerning the tests carried out in the same institution.

It is its own control tower, test monitoring tool - all in real time. Its strong point: the platform is directly connected to the Screening Information System of the Ministry of Health, thus allowing French Screening Information system (SIDEP) automation but also the automation of patient 0!

What is Magenet?

Magenet is a dedicated platform for healthcare professionals who have decided to trust us and use our tools.

It is the control tower for the tools developed by Magentine. It allows for the transfer of information about tests carried out to the platform using the Test-N-Track application, in real time. The information is stored in way allowing perfect traceability.

It contains information about all patients tested with their information, all the traceability data about the test as well as the downloadable report in case of loss of the document (in COFRAC format).

You will thus find all the photos on Magenet in order to provide image proof of the results sent to the patient, as well as all the evidence that you wished to keep (photo of the national health insurance card (Vitale), photo of proof of the vaccination schedule).

Why is Magenet essential?

In addition to ensuring traceability, Magenet makes it possible to manage user accounts. The manager can create, authorize, block, and have real-time visibility of the tests performed by each person drawing samples.

Thanks to Magenet, all the results are sent directly to the French Screening Information system (SIDEP) (automated SIDEP), which means you don't have to enter the results manually or connect to your platform to send them to the patient. COVID-tracing is automated as well: the patient zero is automatically integrated into the French National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM).

Magenet also provides access to most of the information to generate billing in fail-safe mode (some healthcare professional tools allow near-automatic integration).



How to set up the Magenet service ?
Following your registration for one of our services, a link and login details are made available to the authorized manager as soon as the account is created for the use of one of our tools / services.
What information does Magenet provide ?
Magenet is a database accompanied by its client interface. This means that it provides approved and authorized health professionals with all the information about tests carried out in their institution: it is a control and archiving tower. Magenet ensures the traceability of all stages of testing (patient identification, analysis methodology, information on analytical tools, test results). The interface also allows quality control to guarantee that all tests comply with regulations in force. The manager can thus follow the entire chain of stakeholders and the steps carried out.
How do I find the results of a test ?
Our solutions include the availability of a database accessible to healthcare professionals for optimal traceability, so you can easily find the results of a specific test. The most common emergency cases are a control and request for evidence or a patient complaint.
What should I do if I have questions on how to use Magenet ?
Our customer service team is available by email or telephone 7 days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. From the set-up of our tools with our partners, we ensure they are trained as well as possible.
What regulatory standards does the Magenet service follow ?
Magenet complies with regulations applicable to laboratories and delocalized clinical biology test (COFRAC, ISO 13185, ISO 15189 and ISO 22870 standards) The platform also complies with GDPR rules.
How is the information integrated into Magenet stored ?
All patient / clinical information recorded via Magentine tools is fully secured on level 5 HDS servers. The data security system is compliant with international laboratory standards. The information collected is very sensitive, and Magentine therefore took the utmost of care to set up a technical architecture and specific encryption methods to best protect its partners.
Who in a team can have access to Magenet ?
Magenet provides access to patient information. Therefore, only the healthcare professional can access Magenet using their personal ID. However, restricted access can be given to the people drawing samples as simple test "operators". This access is limited to anonymized data about the tests carried out.
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