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The DISO Reader (or Diagnostic ISO Reader) is a universal rapid test reader allowing any healthcare professional to simplify screening procedures.

This reader ensures quality control and traceability by digitizing the analytical steps in rapid tests and transmitting the information remotely to a laboratory testing expert for validation of the result.

What is DISO?

It is the ULTIMATE 100% mobile connected universal rapid test reader.

DISO (Diagnostic + ISO) is the answer to a need identified during screening campaigns (France, international): ensuring traceability and quality control of analytical steps in non-laboratory environments is a necessity. The DISO Reader makes it possible to read a large number of rapid tests in order to avoid interpretation errors in the context of delocalized biology.

The Magentine team has modelled a tool for the general public that is accessible to all health professionals (or institutions) for targeted or mass screening.

It can be carried by nurses during their visits to patients' homes or in clinics or healthcare centers.

95% of rapid tests can be used by the DISO solution: the screening opportunities are therefore vast.

DISO complies with the requirements of the ISO standards for delocalized biology (15189, 22870). It can be used anywhere in the world.

In addition to this tool, the entire technical architecture of Magentine allows connection with other tools, laboratory or government information systems.

Why is DISO an essential tool for screening?​

The quality of screening depends on its ability to deploy simple tools for healthcare professionals and patients that comply with regulations and ensure quality control.

In the context of screening, it is complicated to have a laboratory testing expert available (in the field) for the validation of all results. DISO therefore delocalizes the reporting of the test result and has the analysis of the result validated by a healthcare professional (laboratory testing expert) approved remotely.

Even though the result returned by DISO can be automated using an algorithm (in accordance with local healthcare and medical regulations), in the context of delocalized biology, final validation of the result by a laboratory is required.

DISO Reader ©


How can I order the tool ?
Our instrument is currently in development and will be available very soon.
How does support for the implementation for this tool work ?
We have training systems in place, as well as a customer service that will allow you to quickly become familiar with this tool.
What tests can be performed with the DISO Reader tool ?
All tests that can be physically integrated into the tool can be performed with the DISO Reader.
What is this tool for ?
The DISO Reader makes it possible to read a large number of rapid tests in order to avoid interpretation errors in the context of delocalized laboratory testing. The DISO offers optimal traceability of each test in compliance with all laboratory regulations. The results can be validated by the actual operator or a by a laboratory testing expert.
Can the tool be used during on-site visits ?
The DISO Reader is equipped with an internal battery and therefore can be used independently wherever you are.
Can the DISO Reader be used as a “white label” solution ?
The DISO Reader can be used as a “white label” solution bearing the image of your brand or your test (or screening) campaign.
Can the tool be used internationally ?
The DISO Reader was designed to be used everywhere. The system is universal and can be integrated into the majority of test campaign contexts in urban or isolated environments (medically underserved areas, screening in developing countries, etc.). The DISO Reader was designed to overcome all the constraints of carrying out medical laboratory testing (when there is no laboratory).
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