Retail pharmacies

Magentine helps retail pharmacies keep abreast with developments in the field and increase their offering of new diagnostic / screening services for patients: such as the creation of testing and sampling areas.

Our solutions allow pharmacists to work according to the standards imposed by diagnostic regulations, while offering patients sample collection solutions in retail pharmacies (only when in compliance with rules).

  • Exclusive testing service offerings
  • Traceability and quality control in compliance with laboratory standards
  • Patient loyalty
  • 100% digitized and secure patient process


Retail pharmacies
  • Private doctors

    Magentine develops solutions to enable doctors/nurses to ensure complete quality control and traceability of samples ...
  • Vétérinaires


    Magentine offers tools for complete quality control and traceability of rapid tests.
  • Sociétés d’assistance médicale

    Medical assistance company

    Magentine offers services to develop the diagnostic and screening solutions that medical assistance companies offer t...
  • Fabricants de tests rapides

    Rapid test manufacturers

    Magentine is developing a rapid test reader to promote traceability and quality control of all stages of testing, thr...
  • Fabricants de machines IVDrs

    Manufacturers of IVDr equipment

    Magentine offers connectors to optimize the connectivity / interoperability of equipment within a laboratory and with...
  • Sociétés de services

    Service provider

    Magentine offers all companies in the field of healthcare products to ensure quality control and traceability of test...
  • Entreprises biologie

    Corporate companies

    Magentine provides private companies with tools for screening or occupational medicine (when the company has an inter...
  • Delocalized Biology


    Magentine develops solutions to enable doctors/nurses to ensure complete quality control and traceability of samples ...
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers

    Hospitals and healthcare centers

    Magentine provides hospitals and healthcare centers with delocalized biology and services.
Magentine Healthcare


Magentine is an innovative company that aims to revolutionize the digitization of clinical data and democratize access to medical diagnosis for the greatest number of patients, through delocalized biology guaranteed with a unique degree of data security and quality.

Magentine makes the mobile health of tomorrow accessible to all.

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