The Healthtech company of the medical laboratory testing of tomorrow

Delocalized biology has so much to offer patients and healthcare professionals

Why join us?

Magentine was developed with clear, high ambitions:

  • Digitize, facilitate and bring medical diagnosis closer to the patient

  • Be a major player in the patient process trough progress

  • Allow our teams to learn every day, be ambitious and to be part of this revolution of delocalized biology and mobile health

  • Be in constant interaction with many types of cutting-edge expertise: software, hardware, embedded technology, IoT, etc.


We put our minds and activities to service for patients and practitioners

We talk daily about health issues: cost of care, availability, medical service rendered.

Magentine wants to revolutionize all these approaches in the field of medical laboratory testing thanks to delocalized biology.

Make a difference with us !

We are passionate about "pragmatic" technology

Are you looking to strengthen your learning, profile your expertise in a rigorous context of services to meet real-world healthcare needs?

Become an agent of change and join us !

We are unique

Our ambitious research and development program as well as the vast experience of our teams allow us to offer exclusive products.

Be a driving force behind these innovations !

We are global

The challenge of diagnosis is global. Screening needs are everywhere.

Join a team with strong ambitions !

Our offices

Operating site (Montpellier)

18 rue Marceau
34000 Montpellier

Operating site (Paris)

10 rue de la Boétie
75008 Paris

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Magentine Healthcare


Magentine is an innovative company that aims to revolutionize the digitization of clinical data and democratize access to medical diagnosis for the greatest number of patients, through delocalized biology guaranteed with a unique degree of data security and quality.

Magentine makes the mobile health of tomorrow accessible to all.

Magentine Healthcare
18 rue Marceau
34000 Montpellier

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