Point-of-Care and remote testing, a certain future

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The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated the development of delocalized medical biology test.

Increasingly a feature of everyday life, this methodology, associated with innovative technologies and a strict regulatory environment, tends towards better patient care because of more rapid results. This approach relieves congestion in hospitals and other healthcare centers; and, above all, allows to get as close as possible to the patient (in the context of medically underserved areas or in the event of an emergency, for example).

The aim of delocalized biology is to provide healthcare professionals with the capacity to carry out tests without worrying about the location or the availability of equipment.
In this respect, because of the large number of tests carried out during the pandemic, companies that are specialized in “Point-of-Care” tests have become more efficient and have been able to make further advances in the sphere of remote testing.

The aim of delocalized biology

The aim of remote biology is to improve the patient pathway when patients need to get themselves tested. It allows a rapid response to be provided to the patient as well as to the healthcare professional, who can then adapt patient care optimally.

This allows patients to take their tests in retail pharmacies or in their doctor’s office, and is a direct example of delocalized biology: the patient no longer needs to go to a laboratory. But the laboratory remains the central point for validation of the results of the tests carried out.

This aim was perfectly in tune with the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, relocating tests from hospitals and laboratories to marquees or pharmacies has relieved congestion in regular test centers, considerably reducing the patient’s waiting time.

Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) during the COVID pandemic

The pandemic has generated a high demand for antigen tests.

In this respect, numerous healthcare centers have found themselves overwhelmed by the demand, and, with patients having to remain on the spot to wait for the results, these healthcare centers were rapidly transformed into centers of infection when at least one patient was positive.
The main strength of POCT in this situation has been digitizing the delivery of results.

In fact, some remote testing solutions, such as that of Magentine Healthcare, offer complete digitization of all stages of medical testing. This method allows the patient to leave the premises directly after the test has been conducted, facilitating their pathway.

Point-of-Care testing has also made setting up large screening centers and testing marquees easier, and has provided greater medical safety: faster management, less congestion, validated digitized data.

Magentine and the future of delocalized biology

Magentine is an innovative technological player with a 360° approach to remote biology. Its tools range from quality control software, interoperability, connectivity to the LIS...

Magentine collaborates with pharmaceutical industry players, manufacturers of IVD equipment and healthcare professionals to offer unique solutions in delocalized biology. Its software and hardware approach allows it to offer solutions adapted to different constraints while taking the greatest care to comply with regulatory requirements.

Magentine works to make new delocalized biomarkers available, in France and internationally, with the guiding principle of deploying the utmost vigilance on the subjects of quality control and traceability at the different stages of the test (pre-analytic, analytic, post-analytic).

Getting close to the patient via diagnostic analysis testing, this is simultaneously the most appropriate care pathway, has obvious patient proximity and also has substantial cost savings in patient care.

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