Expert in delocalized biology

Revolution in Point of Care and actual medical services rendered
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    Expert in delocalized biology

    Revolution in Point of Care and actual medical services rendered

The medical laboratory testing of tomorrow :

Closer to the patient

Technical pioneer in delocalized medical biology test

Medical biology and screening are in full transition; delocalized biology through point of care solutions is playing a key role in this evolution.

Magentine's multidisciplinary team has unique expertise in the field of delocalized biology and medical biology test (medical analysis laboratory). Its ambition is to bring about significant changes in patient care, care pathways and public health policy through delocalized biology.

Magentine offers practitioners exclusive solutions to fully digitize patient information and the complete diagnostic process for delocalized medical biology test.

Magentine Healthcare’s new technologies were developed with the needs of the field in mind and are designed to support healthcare professionals move closer to their patients with these new diagnostic practices.

Magentine is positioned as a leading player in delocalized biology through its connectivity / interoperability solutions, dematerialization of clinical data and test analysis tools (such as its universal rapid test reader).

To maintain its technological lead, Magentine has developed a network of renowned partners and works continuously on an ambitious R&D program.

Magentine is a major player and is playing an important role in the field of clinical laboratory diagnostic testing, in collaboration with all practitioners.

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Our History

After having spent almost all of his professional experience in the field of IVD, screening in North America, Africa and France, François Dupoteau decided in 2020 to found Magentine Healthcare, whose headquarters are based in Occitanie (Montpellier, France).

For him, this initiative has the right Momentum: the maturity of technologies and the evolution of regulations has allowed for the acceleration of deployment of delocalized biology, for better patient care and simplification for practitioners of medical laboratory tests.

To structure his project, François assembled a multidisciplinary team with solid and recognized experience in the field of diagnostics and healthcare (with a focus ranging from the technical to the industrial and even in the area of research).

His vision has been validated by all of Magentine’s stakeholders: "Helping bring clinical laboratory diagnosis tests closer to the patient".

The complementarity of its internal expertise has allowed Magentine to position itself as a global player in delocalized biology and screening, by offering innovations through applications, tools and consumables.

Employees at Magentine are hired for their appetite for innovation, the quality of their deliverables (both technically and with partners) and their real desire to join a company with a social impact.

Our Management

Our management team

François Dupoteau
François Dupoteau
An aeronautical engineer by training, François is an expert in clinical laboratory diagnosis and medical testing devices. He has helped develop a lot of innovative companies in North America and Europe (Merger Healthcare, Fio corporation, Biodena Care, etc.).
Benjamin Saulnier
Benjamin Saulnier
Director of Operations
Benjamin is an entrepreneur in the field of new technologies and has acquired experience in innovation, provision and deployment of innovative health solutions.
Christian Dubuc
Christian Dubuc
Industrial and IVDr Director
Christian was formerly the CEO of Horiba Medical and is an expert in the creation, development and industrialization of diagnostic equipment.
David Olivari
David Olivari
Technical Director
David is a computer engineer and mathematician who has participated in many innovative projects in the field of IVD and industrial computing. He is an expert in embedded modules.

Our values

  • Protect and contribute to the respect of patients (Population)

  • Promote useful and responsible innovation in all company activities

  • Promote and value employees within the Magentine team

  • Prioritize high-quality and robust products and services

  • Promote interprofessional interaction between the various human stakeholders in the field of healthcare (medical testing laboratories, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, institutions, etc.)

Our missions

  • Get closer to the patient via delocalized biology in compliance with regulations and data

  • Optimize medical services rendered and diagnostic offers

  • Participate in better patient care through delocalized biology

  • Be the technical leader of all innovations in the field of mass screening and medical diagnosis

  • Establish a research and development plan for useful innovation in delocalized biology

  • Optimize costs to reduce the pressure on healthcare budgets for medical laboratory diagnostic testing, with the utmost respect for the patient

Magentine Healthcare


Magentine is an innovative company that aims to revolutionize the digitization of clinical data and democratize access to medical diagnosis for the greatest number of patients, through delocalized biology guaranteed with a unique degree of data security and quality.

Magentine makes the mobile health of tomorrow accessible to all.

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